La presse
Julien Scavini, after graduating as an architect, on his first day of apprenticeship as a tailor started a blog to relate to what he was learning. Nowadays its one of the most read blogs on the matter in France : Stiff Collar.

Julien Scavini’s articles, illustrated by his own drawings made him famous. As such, he published a debutant’s guide in fashion at the Edition Marabout : ModeMen This guide aims to help modern readership to understand the whereabouts of classic men’s fashion nowadays. Etiquette, dress code, fabrics, cuts; styles are all discussed so to be easily understandable.

Moreover, the newspaper Le Figaro Magazine publishes every Friday an article written by Julien Scavini. Illustrated as the blog, it often describes and explains a detail of men wardrobe, the etiquette and the history. Julien Scavini aims to give the taste of noble garments to a wide audience, as knowing often means wanting quality.

Journalists as much as clients often valued his educational abilities as much as his own education on unbeaten paths and are always welcome to the atelier for talks and explanations.

Furthermore, Julien Scavini was the jury of the French television program called Cousu-Main, a sewing contest, originally produced by the BBC and seen on M6. Adapted from the television program “The great Sewing Bee”, in which contestants have to show their abilities on numerous fields: dresses, costumes, men’s trousers, details, etc.. All in order to explain how meticulous and resourceful one must use in order to achieve the art of sewing.