From made-to-measure to ready-to-wear.

Julien Scavini, after graduating as an architect wanted to become a tailor. He took apprenticeship with the honorable masters of Parisian tailoring and graduated a CAP and became a tailor himself.

However, Julien Scavini wanted to develop a business that would be less costly yet not less qualitative than bespoke. After a long search for a perfect workshop throughout Europe, he then opened a shop of made-to-measure suits in Paris in 2011.

House Scavini Tailleur delivers more than 800 fully canvased suits a year, in half-measure. Our suits are lighter and yet more durable than ready-to-wear. Fit has been carefully studied for the client, in-between comfort and style. All appreciates a large set of options and of fabric that Scavini Tailleur displays.

In 2016, the online shop Les Pantalons is launched with the goal to be as demanding and qualitative.
In 2018 we open our first ready-to-wear shop dedicated to presentation and advice for our collection with passionate team.

It is clear that the poor cousin of men’s wardrobe is a trouser. And yet to find the right fitting pants for the right occasion is rather nice: a lightweight chino trousers for an informal occasion, a heavyweight moleskin for the cold days, a lightweight wool or a flannel to work at the office, a tweed for the country-side…

As it is often displeasing to try ill-fitting trousers, too narrow or too low on the waist, Les Pantalons Scavini will provide a wide range of cuts that will please you. Our trousers are up on the natural waist, have high-end details and are made of luxurious fabric, while being affordable. Visit us!

One thing only matters: to find your fit.

• S1 / Fit Cut : in between a skinny cut and a classic cut, our slim cut is just narrow enough to slim your silhouette. The trousers are to be worn at the waist, on the hips. The rest of the legs, thigh and calf are close to the body without being uncomfortable.

• S2 / Classic Cut : our classic cut is made for men who want to wear trousers with a timeless cut. It is to be worn at the waist, above the hips. There is room for the thigh and the general width of the trousers will ensure perfect fit, somewhat modern, as we have narrowed the bottom of the legs.

• S3 / One Pleat Cut : this is a high-waist cut with one pleat wich go worn at the level of the belly button. There are side-adjusters and an extended button tab. This is definitely an italian style statement !

• S4 / Two Pleats Cut : As our S3 pleated trousers were well received by our customers, we have now developed a new cut that bears two pleats while being more adjusted. Such trousers are to be worn at the waist, on the hips. Thigh and calf are very close to the body without being uncomfortable. This cut solves a dilemma between having a retro flair to your style and yet wearing a slim cut.

• GS / Gurkha : Comfortable at thighs and narrower at bottom, the cut is the midway between our S2 classic cut and our S3 one pleat cut. This fancy waist in definitely a style statement !

• BS / Bermuda Shorts : Scavini shorts go worn at natural waist. He is full of elegant details, which make them a tailored piece. A must-have !