Quality Chart

Colored lining.

To make inside of our trousers, we use cotton shirt material as oxford, stripes or tattersall

Curved gusset pocket

La signature des pantalons Scavini est là : la poche montre légèrement incurvée, aussi discrète qu'élégante. Scavini's trousers signature ! A softly curved pocket, as discreet as fancy.

Inseam pocket

All our trousers have inseam pockets. This is a very fine detail which give to the trousers a perfect fall.

Finest quality material

From italian fabric such as Vitale Barberis Canonico to beautiful tweed from Holland & Sherry, we use the finest material. A chance in ready-to-wear !

Hem to measure

You have the possibility to order indicating us your inseam lenght and the type of hem you want. We'll do it for you. No need to go to your tailor's !

After-dinner split

The waist in the back is not completely sewed. A little split is left, giving trousers ease and comfort.

Belt-prong looop

Cette petite boucle signe les pantalons de qualité tailleur. Très utile et pourtant si rare, il permet de bloquer la boucle de ceinture. This belt loop is the mark of fine quality trousers. Very usefull, it keeps your belt blocked.

Triple closing and fine buttons

Like best trousers, our models go closed with three buttons

Nice top-stiches

The tailor quality can be seen thanks to the discreet topstiching, with this typical little dots.