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Because everyone has a different morphology, it seemed to us that it was necessary to propose various cuts. Our models are the reflection of years of observation and work with our clients and drapers. Our trousers are classic, with a rather high-waist, all the while staying contemporary From S1 Cut, close to the leg, to S3 cut, with high waist, pleats and a lot of ease, you will find the most appropriate fit for you. Then, you will just have a look on the wide range of colors and materials we offer.

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Coupe S1N
In between a skinny cut and a classic cut, our slim cut is just narrow enough to slim your silhouette. The trousers are to be worn at the waist, on the hips. The rest of the legs, thigh and calf are close to the body without being uncomfortable.

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Coupe S2N
Our classic cut is made for men who want to wear trousers with a timeless cut. It is to be worn at the waist, above the hips. There is room for the thigh and the general width of the trousers will ensure perfect fit, somewhat modern, as we have narrowed the bottom of the legs.
This is a high-waist cut with one pleat wich go worn at the level of the belly button. There are side-adjusters and an extended button tab. This is definitely an italian style statement !
As our S3 pleated trousers were well received by our customers, we have now developed a new cut that bears two pleats while being more adjusted. Such trousers are to be worn at the waist, on the hips. Thigh and calf are very close to the body without being uncomfortable. This cut solves a dilemma between having a retro flair to your style and yet wearing a slim cut.

Scavini's bermuda shorts is has a lot of elegant details that make it, almost vintage : a must-have.


Scavini trousers are delivered to you with the end of their legs undone. It’s on purpose. However, you may order it finished: with a classic or split hem or with turn-ups.

Moreover, some others alterations are possible: found out.

Ingenious and luxurious details

Scavini trousers are made in natural cloth with high-end details: found out.

Scavini habille l’homme moderne.

Grâce à son expérience de tailleur en boutique acquise sur des années, ses échanges avec les modélistes et clients à travers toute l'Europe, Scavini propose aujourd'hui des coupes de pantalon à la fois confortables et élégantes pour l'homme d'aujourd'hui.